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145th Anniversary Living History Event
October 10-12, 2008

Federal Artillery Guidelines
Infantry | Cavalry | Artillery

In addition to the Basic Guidelines for Federals, the following apply to artillery:
  • Uniform
    • Headwear Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Coat
      • Mounted Service Jacket
        • Of dark blue or royal blue wool broad-cloth
        • Quilted front
        • Proper red dyed worsted wool tape piping.
        • All visible buttonholes hand sewn.
      • Fatigue blouse (sack coat) Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Pants
      • Mounted Pattern Trousers
        • Made of sky-blue kersey-weave wool.
        • Top of the waist band should reach the wearer's navel.
        • Reinforced seat and buttons for instep strap.
        • Thin, tapering waist band.
        • Five button fly.
        • Yoke in back.
        • Raised back.
        • Side pockets that start below the waist-band.
        • Right-side watch pocket.
        • Facings on vented cuffs.
        • All buttonholes & grommets finished by hand.
      • Foot Pattern Trousers Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Overcoat
      • Mounted pattern Of proper make and construction. Sky blue wool kersey, double breasted with cape extending to the edge of the cuff.
      • Foot pattern acceptable: as per infantry guidelines.
  • Accouterments
    • US issue M1858 sword belt - Of black buff, waxed flesh, or bridle leather
      • 2 piece enlisted eagle buckle with 2 or 3 piece applied silver wreath.
      • Saber straps and shoulder strap [optional].
    • Haversack: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Canteen: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Blanket: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Shelter half: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Gum blanket and/or poncho: Same as in basic guidelines.
January 18, 2008 - Gerald Todd