Order of Battle


MW: Mortally Wounded

WIA: Wounded in Action


The Bristoe Station Campaign, October 9-15, 1863


The Army of the Potomac

Major General George G. Meade, Commanding


Second Corps

Major General Gouverneur Kemble Warren


First Division

Brigadier General John C. Caldwell


First Brigade                                       Second Brigade

Colonel Nelson Miles                           Colonel Patrick Kelly

61st New York                                     28th Massachusetts

81st Pennsylvania                                  69th New York

140th Pennsylvania                                88th New York

                                                            116th Pennsylvania (battalion)


Third Brigade                                      Fourth Brigade

Colonel Paul Frank                               Colonel John R. Brooke

52nd New York                                    2nd Delaware                                       

57th New York                                     53rd Pennsylvania

66th New York                                     145th Pennsylvania

148th Pennsylvania                                64th New York


Second Division

Brigadier General Alexander S. Webb


First Brigade                                                                           Second Brigade

Colonel Francis E. Heath                                                          Colonel DeWitt C. Baxter

19th Maine                                                                                69th Pennsylvania

15th Massachusetts                                                                   71st Pennsylvania

1st Minnesota                                                                            72nd Pennsylvania

82nd New York (2nd Militia)                                                      106th Pennsylvania






Third Brigade                                                                         

Colonel James E. Mallon (MW)

Colonel Ansel D. Wass                                    

19th Massachusetts

20th Massachusetts

7th Michigan

42nd New York

59th New York


Third Division

Brigadier General Alexander Hays


First Brigade                                                   Second Brigade

Colonel Samuel S. Carroll                                 Colonel Thomas A. Smyth

14th Indiana                                                      14th Connecticut

4th Ohio                                                            1st Delaware

8th Ohio                                                            12th New Jersey

7th West Virginia                                               10th New York (battalion)

                                                                        108th New York


Third Brigade

Brigadier General Joshua T. Owen

39th New York

111th New York

125th New York

126th New York


Artillery Brigade

Captain John G. Hazard


1st New York Light, Battery G (Cpt. Nelson Ames)

1st Ohio Light, Battery H

1st Pennsylvania Light, Batteries F and G (Cpt. R. Bruce Ricketts)

1st Rhode Island Light, Battery A (Cpt. William A. Arnold)

1st Rhode Island Light, Battery B (Lt. T. Fred Brown)

1st United States, Battery I








Army of Northern Virginia

General Robert E. Lee, Commanding


Third Corps

Lieutenant General A. P. Hill


Anderson’s Division

Major General Richard H. Anderson


Wilcox’s Brigade                                                         Mahone’s Brigade

Colonel J.C.C. Sanders                                                Brigadier General William Mahone

8th Alabama                                                                  6th Virginia

9th Alabama                                                                  12th Virginia

10th Alabama                                                                16th Virginia

11th Alabama                                                                41st Virginia

14th Alabama                                                                61st Virginia


Posey’s Brigade                                                          Wright’s Brigade

Brigadier General Carnot Posey (MW)             Brigadier General Ambrose R.

12th Mississippi                                                 Wright

16th Mississippi                                                 3rd Georgia

19th Mississippi                                                 22nd Georgia

48th Mississippi                                                 48th Georgia

                                                                                    2nd Georgia Battalion


Perry’s Brigade

Brigadier General Edward A. Perry

2nd Florida

5th Florida

8th Florida


Heth’s Division

Major General Henry Heth


Davis’s Brigade                                                          Walker’s Brigade

Brigadier General Joseph R. Davis                                Brigadier General Henry H. Walker

2nd Mississippi                                                              40th Virginia

11th Mississippi                                                 47th Virginia

42nd Mississippi                                                            55th Virginia

55th North Carolina                                                      22nd Virginia Battalion








Archer’s Brigade (Attached to Walker)          Kirkland’s Brigade

Brigadier General William W.

5th Alabama Battalion                                     Kirkland (WIA)

13th Alabama                                                    Colonel T.C. Singeltary

                                                                        11th North Carolina                 

1st Tennessee (P.A.)                                         26th North Carolina

7th Tennessee                                                   44th North Carolina, Col. T.C. Singeltary

14th Tennessee                                                 47th North Carolina

                                                                        52nd North Carolina



Cooke’s Brigade

Brigadier General John R. Cooke (WIA)

Colonel Edward D. Hall

15th North Carolina

27th North Carolina

46th North Carolina, Colonel Edward D. Hall

48th North Carolina


Third Corps Artillery (Only these units engaged from 3rd Corps )

Colonel R. L. Walker


McIntosh’s Battalion

Major David G. McIntosh

Danville (Virginia) Artillery, Cpt. R.S. Rice

2nd Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery, Cpt. W.K. Donald


Elements from William T. Poague’s Battalion



Cavalry Corps (Only these units engaged at Coffee Hill)


Major General J.E.B. Stuart, Commanding


Hampton’s Division

Major General J.E.B. Stuart


Jones’ Brigade

Colonel O.R. Funsten

7th Virginia Cavalry

11th Virginia Cavalry

12th Virginia Cavalry

35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry


Baker’s Brigade

Brigadier General James B. Gordon (WIA)

1st North Carolina Cavalry, Colonel Thomas Ruffin (MW)

2nd North Carolina Cavalry

4th North Carolina Cavalry

5th North Carolina Cavalry


Horse Artillery


Beckham’s Battalion

Major Robert F. Beckham


Breathed’s (Virginia) Battery

Chew’s (Virginia) Battery

Griffin’s (Maryland) Battery

Hart’s (South Carolina) Battery

McGregor’s (Virginia) Battery

Moorman’s (Virginia) Battery