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Bristoe Station
145th Anniversary Living History Event
October 10-12, 2008

October 3rd - MARCH CANCELLED - event goes on!

Welcome to the web site for the 145th anniversary commemoration of the battle of Bristoe Station, October 14, 1863. It will be held on the actual battlefield and surrounding lands, just south of Manassas, Virginia the weekend of October 10, 11, and 12, 2008.

In the battle of October 14, 1863, elements of A.P.Hill's corps of the Army of Northern Virginia, attacked what they thought was a small rear guard for the Army of the Potomac, that was retreating toward Centerville. What they found was the bulk of the Federal 2nd Corps under General G.K.Warren. In the 45 minutes of fighting that followed, the Confederates lost over 1,300 killed, wounded, or captured. Federal losses were just over 500.

The goal of this event is to recreate some of the sights and sounds of the October 1863 campaign in Northern Virginia, for both participants and the visiting public. This will be a campaign oriented event, with a 4-5 miles march for the opposing forces, followed by a recreation of part of the battle. Following the battle recreation, the event will focus on post battle activities that both armies engaged in by participants, using the official record and first hand accounts.

This event is being held with the cooperation of the Prince William County Department of Public Works, Division of Historic Preservation. The US commander will be James Owens (1st Minnesota, Co D). The CS commander will be Jerry Stiles (2nd VA, Co E, Stonewall Brigade). The event organizers and staff are all members of progressive living history organizations from the mid-Atlantic area, with a vast amount of experience to draw upon.

The event will be limited to 150 Confederate infantry and 250 Federal infantry. Artillery and cavalry are limited and by invitation only.

We hope you will join us in October for a unique living history experience.

Bristoe Station~http://bristoe.1stminnd.org
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October 3, 2008