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145th Anniversary Living History Event
October 10-12, 2008

Rules and Regulations
Registration is contingent upon accepting these rules/guidelines.

These are the general guidelines for the event. Each participant must also meet any specific impression regulations. ALL participants will be required to observe these rules. Please read these in their entirety and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

  1. Registration is on an individual basis and all participants must pay the fee and fill out appropriate forms.
  2. Upon arrival at the event, each participant will be inspected to ensure compliance with the authenticity regulations prior to registering. The organizers reserve the right to ask that any anachronistic or inappropriate item be removed or replaced.
  3. No one will be allowed to participate who does not meet the minimum guidelines posted for their impression (Federal, Confederate, or Civilian).
  4. No illegal drugs. This is a zero tolerance policy.
  5. No excessive drinking or displays of drunkenness will be tolerated.
  6. Absolutely NO smoking of modern cigarettes within sight of anyone.
  7. All participants must be in period attire from the beginning of the event until the end.
  8. All officers and NCO's will be held accountable for the actions of their troops both on and off the field, and it is the responsibility of the NCO's to ensure the safety and well being of the men under their command.
  9. Interactions between civilian and military participants should be in first person at all appropriate times.
  10. Any participant not following appropriate scenarios or not acting in an appropriate manner, be they civilian or military, will be asked to leave the event.
  11. ALL weapons must be cleaned and in good repair. No six-winged caps allowed.
  12. Only commissioned officers and cavalry are allowed to carry side arms.
  13. No participant under the age of 16 years will be allowed to carry weapons at any time. Any participant under that age that wishes to accompany the troops must be a functioning musician over the age of 13 years.
  14. Participants must wear period footwear. No one will be allowed to go barefoot.
  15. All horses at the event site must have a current negative Coggins Test and a valid health certificate.
  16. Be respectful of any property you may use, since we will be using properties through the generosity of many different landowners.
  17. No firepit is to be dug without proper authorization through military chain of command.

Basic Impression Guidelines
We are representing the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia in October 1863. All uniform and equipments should reflect the appearance and condition of those armies during this campaign.

Details specific to each side are listed under the link for their side, and further links to details specific to the various arms are to be found on the page for their side.

  • General
    • The Event Hosts reserve the right to ask that anachronistic or inappropriate items be removed or replaced.
      In general, the hosts retain the right to request participants to make adjustments to their impressions to the meet the needs of the event.
    • At all times during Friday, Saturday and Sunday (until departure), participants must wear period attire.
    • All participants are encouraged to develop first-person impressions appropriate to the event. Living History and public education are the whole purpose for this event. Be prepared to interact with other reenactors.
    • Direction of the military demos, activities, camping areas, etc. is the responsibility of the event staff.
    • All uniforms must be constructed of the proper materials and pattern; all visible buttonholes must be hand worked; and accoutrements must be correct for the service arm represented;
    • Uniforms may and should be dirty, but not ragged.
    • Accoutrements should be in good condition. Brass, Guns, Bayonets, and swords should be clean. Traps should be worn at or near waist level.
  • Personal/Optional Items
    The only "modern" personal items you should have on you are your car key and any medicines you require. Your car key should be placed somewhere safe and out of sight - you don't need the whole ring of keys just the one to get into your vehicle. Medicines should be stowed in a period container as best as possible not only to hide it, but to protect it.
    • issue tin cup, boiler, mucket.
    • folding pocket knife
    • Personal hygiene items.
      • tooth brush.
      • small looking glass.
      • comb.
      • shaving equipment.
    • cotton or linen ration & poke bags.
    • proper bottles, flasks.
    • spoon and/or a fork.
    • plate, small sheet metal skillet, canteen half.
    • pipe & tobacco pouch.
    • housewife (needles, thread, thimbles, buttons)
    • pencil and paper.
    • hard candy like lemon drops.
    • Lucifers (matches).
    • period eyewear, or contact lenses if required.
    • handkerchiefs.
    • gambling paraphernalia.
    • wallet.

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January 18, 2008