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145th Anniversary Living History Event
October 10-12, 2008

Basic Federal Guidelines
Infantry | Cavalry | Artillery
General standards for all Federal participants. Click above for details for your specific arm.

Letter to Federal participants

  • Uniform
    • Insignia: correct period crossed cannon, crossed sabres as the case may be. Infantry should refrain from using the branch insigina on headgear.
      • regimental number
      • company letter
      • For infantry and artillery: white (2nd division) 2nd corps badge.
    • Headwear
      • Forage Cap
        • Finely woven dark blue or royal blue wool (not navy blue) with painted leather brim and chin strap.
        • Plain US regulation, small size buttons. Black or brown polished cotton liner.
      • Slouch & other non issue headgear - Period types only!
        • Sewn-on edge binding.
        • Proper lining & sweat band.
        • Made of fine wool felt without a `fuzzy' appearance.
        • Medium to dark gray, medium to dark brown, or black, with black preferred.
        • Hat brass: unadorned, crossed sabres, crossed cannon, regimental numeral, company letter.
      • Hardee turned slouch.
        • 1/4 inch ribbon at base of crown.
        • 2 rows of stitching on brim.
        • shellacked with proper label inside.
        • leather chin strap (optional for cavalry)
        • Hat brass: unadorned, crossed sabres, crossed cannon, regimental numeral, company letter.
    • Coat
      • Fatigue blouse:
        • Wool flannel with a visible diagonal weave (wale) in the fabric.
        • A shade between a medium and dark blue color (not navy blue).
        • A short collar, faced lapels and cuffs.
        • Four evenly spaced US eagle buttons should fit into hand-worked buttonholes.
        • Sleeves should have a small, scalloped vent in the rear of the cuff.
        • Unlined versions have all seams flat-felled.
        • Lined versions should have a one-piece body lining of wool or wool/cotton weave and a sleeve lining of muslin.
    • Trousers
      • Made of sky-blue kersey-weave wool.
      • Top of the waist band should reach the wearer's navel.
      • Thin, tapering waist band.
      • Five button fly.
      • Yoke in back.
      • Back taller than front.
      • Side pockets that start below the waist-band.
      • Right-side watch pocket.
      • Facings on vented cuffs.
      • All buttonholes & grommets finished by hand.
    • Shirts
      • Domet or gray flannel US Issue Shirts
        • Domet flannel shirt will have three tin buttons: one at the neck and one at each cuff.
        • Domet flannel is a cotton warp and wool weft, off-white in color.
        • Gray wool flannel shirt will have 4 or 5 buttons, with two or three on a placket front and one on each cuff.
      • Civillian Pattern Shirt
        • Made of 100 percent natural materials in woven check or plaid material, or with a printed geometric pattern on them.
        • Small metal, bone, wood, shell, or mother-of-pearl buttons.
        • Fall down collar or a banded collar, with or without a detachable collar.
        • One, two or no pockets.
    • Suspenders/Braces: A civilian pattern of proper period materials and attachments.
    • Drawers
      • Canton flannel, cotton flannel, wool knit, and wool flannel all acceptable.
      • Button closure.
      • White, natural, colored acceptable.
    • Footwear
      • Socks: of solid-color yarn: off-white, gray, buff, blue, or bluish-gray. Wool, cotton or a wool/cotton union.
      • Shoes: Issue brogans with pegged or sewn soles. Heel plates or hobnails optional.
      • Boots: single piece vamp with pegged or sewn soles. Heel plates or hobnails optional.
  • Accouterments
    • Haversack: US issue tarred.
    • Canteen: any Federal issue type.
      • cotton strap or undyed leather strap with iron roller buckle and leather safe.
      • Wool covered with jean, or blanket material.
    • Blanket: Gray/brown US Issue with black/brown stripes properly woven.
    • Shelter half: Cotton drill or light canvas with hand sew grommets and buttonholes, bone or paperback-tin buttons.
    • Gum blanket and/or poncho: Black rubberized cloth with reinforced edges and small grommets.

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September 22, 2008