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145th Anniversary Living History Event
October 10-12, 2008

Federal Infantry Guidelines
Infantry | Cavalry | Artillery In addition to the Basic Guidelines for Federals, the following apply to infantry:
  • Uniform
    • Headwear Same as in basic guidelines. All infantry enlisted me are required to have a 2nd Division (white) 2nd corps badge on their headwear.
    • Coat
      • Frock coat: To be made of dark (not navy) blue wool broadcloth, finely piped in French blue at cuffs and collar. Nine button front, with two buttons at top of back vents, and two on each cuff. Padded in chest, lined in both chest and sleeves. Pockets in tails. Poorly made frock coats will nor be allowed.
      • Fatigue blouse (sack coat): Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Trousers: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Shirt: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Suspenders/ Braces: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Drawers: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Footwear: Same as in basic guidelines.
  • Accouterments
    • Waist Belt: US regulation, buff, waxed, or grained (smooth side) leather. With US plate and leather, brass, or no keeper. Despite rules prohibiting the cutting of belts, many belts with a history of use have the keepers cut off. Sergeants & Musicians have the option of wearing the eagle & wreath two piece belt plate.
    • Cap Pouch: Regulation US 1850 Pattern with one piece flap and tab. Belt loops sewn or sewn & riveted.
    • Cartridge Box: US regulation 1861 pattern. Must have tin liners and box plate.
    • Cartridge Box Belt: Regulation US issue in buff, waxed, or grained leather. 2.25 wide by 65 long. Should include brass eagle plate.
    • Bayonet Scabbard: US Regulation pattern with two or seven rivets on frog. Must have a brass tip. No British pattern scabbards and frogs will be allowed. All scabbards must be in good repair and capable of securely carrying a bayonet.
    • Haversack: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Canteen: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Blanket: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Shelter Half: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Gum Blanket: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Knapsack: US issue double bag of black painted canvas or linen, Black leather fittings. No Confederate, Militia, or Foreign knapsacks will be allowed allowed. A blanket roll is acceptable in lieu of a knapsack.
  • Armaments
    • Rifled Musket: US pattern 1855, 1861, or 1863. British pattern 1853 Enfield. The US patterns of 1816 and 1842 in rifled or smoothbore will be allowed, however these should be a participants last choice of weapon.
    • Bayonets: All infantry long arms must be able to securely mount a socket bayonet.
    • Revolvers: The use of revolvers in the infantry is limited to officers, senior NCOs (optional), and color bearers (optional). Revolvers must be of a pattern documented to the period.
    • Swords: Swords are limited to officers and senior NCOs (optional). Swords must be of regulation US pattern and appropriate to the rank being portrayed. Each sword must have a scabbard that is in good repair and able to safely cover the blade. Sword belts must be in good repair and appropriate to the sword being carried.

January 18, 2008 - Gerald Todd