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145th Anniversary Living History Event
October 10-12, 2008

Federal Cavalry Guidelines
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The cavalry will be organized as a company and will represent the 1st Maine Cavalry.

All cavalry participants will be inspected to insure compliance with the standards as stated below.
All cavalry participants MUST be males aged 16 or older.
All horses & mules must have a negative Coggins AND a valid health certificate.

In addition to the Basic Guidelines for Federals, the following apply to cavalry:
  • Uniform
    • Headwear Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Coat
      • Mounted Service Jacket
        • Of dark blue or royal blue wool broad-cloth
        • Quilted front
        • Proper yellow dyed worsted wool tape piping.
        • All visible buttonholes hand sewn.
      • Fatigue blouse (sack coat) Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Pants
      • Mounted Pattern Trousers
        • Made of sky-blue kersey-weave wool.
        • Top of the waist band should reach the wearer's navel.
        • Reinforced seat and buttons for instep strap.
        • Thin, tapering waist band.
        • Five button fly.
        • Yoke in back.
        • Raised back.
        • Side pockets that start below the waist-band.
        • Right-side watch pocket.
        • Facings on vented cuffs.
        • All buttonholes & grommets finished by hand.
      • Foot Pattern Trousers Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Overcoat
      • Mounted pattern Of proper make and construction. Sky blue wool kersey, double breasted with cape extending to the edge of the cuff.
      • Foot pattern acceptable: as per infantry guidelines.
  • Accouterments
    • US issue M1858 sword belt - Of black buff, waxed flesh, or bridle leather
      • 2 piece enlisted eagle buckle with 2 or 3 piece applied silver wreath.
      • Saber straps and shoulder strap [optional].
    • Cap pouch: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Pistol Cartridge Box: For pistol cartridges.
    • Holster: Black leather, butt forward, end plug, worn on right side.
    • Carbine Cartridge box: M1860 or "Sharps" if you're carrying a Sharps
    • Carbine Sling: Of black buff or bridle leather with iron roller snap hook.
    • Haversack: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Canteen: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Blanket: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Shelter half: Same as in basic guidelines.
    • Gum blanket and/or poncho: Same as in basic guidelines.
  • Armaments
    • Carbine
      • Sharp's breech loading carbine.
    • Pistol A single sidearm to be loaded using premade cartidges and worn in a butt forward holster on the sabre-belt
      • Colt .44 caliber or .36 caliber steel framed revolvers. (other period correct revolvers, such as the Starr are acceptable)
    • Saber Properly constructed with wire wrapped, leather bound grip and peened tang. (sabers with the nut on the end will not be accepted.)
      • U.S. Model 1840 "Wristbreaker"
      • U.S. Model 1860 "light cavalry"
  • Horse Equipments
    • Saddle Model 1859 McClellan - All iron hardware, including jappaned or blued iron bar buckles.
      • Coatstraps should be of proper weight with correct buckles.
      • Proper wool web girth and surcingle with iron roller buckles.
      • Crupper (optional) an issued item - use at your discretion.
      • Hooded wooden stirrups.
      • Martingale - if you feel you require one it should be a period civillian type or a circingle.
    • SaddleBags Blackened leather, smooth or pebble grain. Smaller bags with iron buckle closure.
    • Halter U.S. issue of black bridle leather and iron hardware.
    • Bridle Blackened bridle leather
      • 3 or 6 buckle accepted.
      • All buckles should be japanned or blued iron bar buckles.
      • Bit - U.S. issued iron bit
      • Link Strap - with iron wire snap hook.
      • Enlisted Reins - sewn to bit and in the center.
    • Nosebag
      • Flat bottom or rounded bottom accepted.
      • Black or undyed leather with iron roller buckle.
    • Picket Pin and Lariat (Optional)
      • Proper 4-strand, left-laid hemp.
      • whipped at one end.
      • Eye spliced to hand forged iron picket pin.
    • Saddle Blanket
      • US issued blue wool with orange stripe properly woven
      • "U.S." hand stitched in center.
      • Orange stripe should be lighter shade as per originals if possible.

January 18, 2008 - Gerald Todd